Competition law imposes strict obligations on monopolists. Violation of these obligations may result in financial sanctions, civil and class action lawsuits with financial consequecnes, and even criminal charges.

We advise companies with dominant market shares in any market or industry, based on decades-long legacy of focused work in this area. On the other side of the coin, we also assist clients seeking to take action against monopolies for breaches of competition law. Among our customers you can find the leading companies in the economy that operate in a variety of areas of activity, including those in food and beverage, finance, energy and gas, technology, and more.

We are your resource  for reviewing various commercial practices, including:

  • Formulating product pricing strategies, including product packages.
  • Distinguishing between different customers to provide different discounts or commercial conditions.
  • Committing to arrangements that include various types of restrictions, including exclusivity, non-competition, most-favored-nation clause (MFN) and more.
  • Terminating supply or trade relations with customers or distributors.

In addition, we are expert in representing clients before the Competition Authority, the Competition Tribunal, and the various courts and can assist and advise on any monopoly issue.

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