Internal Enforcement, Inspection, and Internal Investigations

Violation of the Competition Act may have a disastrous effect on a company’s business, its good name, and reputation. Decades of hard work and corporate relationships can be undone in an instant. The Zecler Argov antitrust boutique understands this fully. We know that a violation of competition law can often lead to other serious complications, exposing a company to charges of also violating administrative law and civil law. Worst of all, a company – and its executives – could possibly even face corporate criminal charges.

The best way to avoid these complications is never dealing with it in the first place. Taking time to implement a comprehensive risk management policy to prevent violating antitrust laws and regulations is significantly less burdensome – and even more cost-effective – than having to face a competition authority investigation that may result in a financial sanction or criminal charges. In fact when investigating possible antitrust violations. the Competition Authority places a high value on companies that have an internal compliance plan in place. Proving you have such a plan in place can often minimize penalties and even avoid criminal charges by showing a culture that has a genuine emphasis on antirust compliance.

Our team has successfully formulated and implemented internal antitrust compliance programs for clients in various industries, including food retail chains, computer companies, a pharmacy chain, a multinational pharmaceutical company, a cellular company, and others.

We are who you turn to for:

  • Creating and implementing an internal antitrust compliance plan that is specifically tailored to your company’s activities in an accessible and “user-friendly” way.
  • Formulating a mechanism – including an information system, problem-solving procedures, and an internal reporting and control process – that ensures your company and employees comply with provisions of the Competition Law, and which also identify exceptions.
  • Carrying out ongoing antitrust compliance training for senior management and staff.
  • Helping conduct in-depth internal audits when there is suspicion of competition law violations, or as part of a due diligence process.
  • Carrying out internal controls and investigations to ensure antitrust compliance.

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