Regulation is an integral part of competition law where disparate pieces of legislation regulating different industries may contrast, directly or indirectly, with various competitive considerations.

Zecler Argov has extensive experience advising on regulatory matters in various aspects and for many industries. This includes industry regulation deriving from: the Communications Law, the Law for the Promotion of Competition in the Food Industry, and the Law for the Promotion of Competition and the Reduction of Centralization.

Food Law

Our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the food and beverage industry is a valuable resource for our customers operating in this field. They can confidently turn to us, whether for ongoing advisory service or bespoke solutions of specific cases. Our diverse customer base includes food manufacturers as well as importers of soft and alcoholic food and beverages, and retailers.
We are your destination for advice regarding:

  • Preparation of an internal Food Law enforcement plan.
  • Legal advice on any issue related to the Food Law: relationships with retailers and suppliers, pricing and promotions, payment transfers, geographic competition).
  • Representation at a hearing before the imposition of a financial sanction under the Food Law.
  • Submission of exemption applications to the Commissioner in the context of the Food Law.

The Law of Centralization

Our lawyers advise on issues related to the Law of Centralization, PLEASE DEFINE IN A FEW WORDS, and the consequences arising therefrom. Our clients benefit from bespoke solutions in matters that are related directly or indirectly to the provisions of this law.


Our expertise and in-depth familiarity with the Communications industry, including the various pieces of legislation and the intricate regulation applied to workers in this field, is joined to our antitrust expertise to make available to our clients the best service they need. From daily ongoing advisory to crafting solutions in cases requiring special solutions, we have them covered.

Our diverse customer base includes infrastructure owners, cellular operators, access providers, broadcasters and more.

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