Merger Transactions

Mergers between companies – competing or non-competitive, domestic or international – are subject to strict scrutiny and may in some cases require approval of the competition commissioner.

When such a merger requires the approval of the Competition Authority, you need legal advice from a firm knowledgeable in the details of the process, a firm that knows to anticipate pitfalls, and how to deal with and overcome obstacles so your deal can go through. That is Zelcer Argov. We assist our clients from the early stages of transaction planning so that obtaining Competition Authority approval is as easy as possible, through all subsequent contacts with the Authority, and even to litigation in court, if necessary.

We are the firm to call when you need help with:

  • Early-stage planning for the deal.
  • Establishing a “clean team” and formulating procedures that are adapted to the provisions of the Competition Law as part of your due diligence.
  • Submitting a merger notice to and managing all contacts with the Competition Authority.
  • Handling an appeal to the Competition Tribunal should the Competition Commissioner rule against your merger or impose conditions, especially if those conditions are unreasonable or onerous.

Representation of Caspit Payment Technologies, a manufacturer of advanced payment terminals, in a merger transaction with Max Credit Card Company.

We represented Phenicia, the largest glass manufacturer and supplier in Israel, in a merger transaction with a local glass importer that competes with it.

Representation of Averbuch Formica Center, a stock exchange company engaged in the import and import of raw materials for the furniture industry, in a merger transaction with a company engaged in the import and production of raw materials for the furniture industry.

Representation of Super-Pharm in a merger with Teva Medical (a subsidiary of Teva) in a merger transaction to establish a joint activity in the field of pharmaceutical preparations.

Representation of the international pharmaceutical company Abbott in a merger transaction in which it acquired the company St. Jude Medical

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