Dumping can cause negative disruption, especially for smaller markets. When an imported product is priced significantly lower than its domestic market, local companies can lose market share. However, simply lowering prices is not necessarily a case of dumpion. 

Zecler Argov has expertise in representing clients on issues related to anti-dumping prices. We assist our clients and represent them using defensive or offensive strategies, as needed. Our case management experience dealing with the various authrorities on overhead pricing issues allows us to assist our clients in finding the best solution to their pricing-related problems.

Case Study

One of our most representations in this area was for LafargeHolcim, a cement manufacturer from Greece, in the process of re-examining a trade levy imposed on cement imports from Greece and Turkey. A two-year long, comprehensive review resulted in an order imposing a levy to be set at a certain rate on our client’s product. A few months later, the Commissioner of Trade Levies decided to re-examine the stipulated levy rate and recommended a new levy rate that would have been 120 times higher than the original rate. We represented LafargeHolcim at a hearing before an advisory committee attended by representatives of companies importing cement to Israel, cement manufacturers from Greece and Turkey, representatives from the Greek government, and other interested participants. After this hearing the committee decided to reject the commissioner’s recommendations and leave the levy rate as originally stipulated in the order.

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