• Competition Litigation

    Litigation and litigation proceedings – especially those involving questions of competition law – require special expertise beyond competition law. These lawyers need to also understand how to manage complex legal proceedings, which can involve tens of thousands of documents, multiple expert opinions, and long, complicated cross-examinations. This is where Zecler Argov shines.

  • Class Actions – International Cartels

    It is one of the more complicated legal problems for corporate law: a company sued outside their home country.

  • Criminal Antitrust / Cartel Defense and Investigations / Dawn Raids

    When a company undergoes an antitrust-related criminal investigation and faces related criminal charges, it is critical to be represented by the best and most experienced attorneys.

  • Internal Enforcement, Inspection, and Internal Investigations

    Violation of the Competition Act may have a disastrous effect on a company's business, its good name, and reputation. Decades of hard work and corporate relationships can be undone in an instant.

  • Business and Strategic Consulting in Competition matters

    Zecler Argov regularly advises clients operating in various sectors, assisting them when their daily commercial conduct involves questions of antitrust law.

  • Merger Transactions

    Mergers between companies – competing or non-competitive, domestic or international – are subject to strict scrutiny and may in some cases require approval of the competition commissioner.

  • Regulation

    Regulation is an integral part of competition law where disparate pieces of legislation regulating different industries may contrast, directly or indirectly, with various competitive considerations.

  • Anti-Dumping

    Dumping can cause negative disruption, especially for smaller markets. When an imported product is priced significantly lower than its domestic market, local companies can lose market share. However, simply lowering prices is not necessarily a case of dumpion.

  • Bribery to Foreign Public Servants

    From our experience defending against criminal investigations into international economic matters ...